If you would like to purchase a bracelet...Sizes can range...
Xs 9- 12cm

Small  12-15cmMedium 15-17cm
Large 17-19cm
X-large 20-22+

With Logo(45mm length- 35mm width pasfoto maat) 15 euro (excl.verzendkosten)+ 4 euro
Zonder Logo..10 euro(excl. verzendkosten) + 4euro....Nederland

You may order using our contact form page. Send us a complete description of your request, wrist size and your shipping details..
We will send you payment details. Once received, we will begin processing your hand pick mushroom.

Worldwide shipping excl. track and tracer...5- 10 days depending on where you live in the world and current corona restrictions.

If you have time..Come and see us at the Salt Markt on the boulevard in Scheveningen.. April 30th from 12-18uur.. 
Hope to see you there! xxx

Ps..This site is still under construction..Thank you for bearing with us:)