Smart_Made Armbanden

Smart_Made Armbanden are bracelets made from 100% Amadou organic mushroom material.
Our motto: If you don't have time for nature, We will bring it to you!

Feels like animal leather except there were no animals used. It's flexible/breathable material..

100% vegan, handmade with natural ingredients...Right here in Amsterdam!
We used the Dogon tribe from Mali West Africa's ancient extraction technique...

SmartMade is an anagram for Amsterdam:)

What is Amadou?
It is a spongy substance prepared from fungi, Polyporus and allied species, growing on trees. Amadou is known for it's many medicinal qualities:
antibacterial, antifungal, antipyretic, antioxidant, antiseptic antiviral and anticancer.

Medicinal Mushrooms are incredible natural products. These mushrooms are known for their beneficial features and have been used by old cultures for more than thousands of years. Check out all our effective medicinal mushroom products and see what you can do to boost your health.

The natural and organic way... 

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